Latreace Snead reignites healthcare career through JobLinks

After working in home health care for 10 years, Latreace Snead found herself out of clients and out of work. With no work coming in, Latreace began receiving public assistance through the Department of Welfare. A few months later she enrolled the City of Pittsburgh’s Employment, Advancement, and Retention Network, which is how she found JobLinks.

“They had so much to offer me, and I was really interested in how they could help me find a work placement in the health field,” Latreace said.

“We took her through the initial steps in the program, like resume development and skill-strengthening workshops, and then began to work with her one-on-one,” said Christopher Kendall, Employment Specialist.

Program Assistant Lorene Barksdale helped Latreace improve her interviewing and self-marketing skills, and in time, her confidence grew.

Latreace began interviewing for home health aide positions at organizations such as Gallagher, Homestead Care, and UPMC. The employers valued Latreace’s work ethic and her ability to work with patients with disabilities. “Her prior healthcare experience and skills made her a strong candidate,” Chris said.

“I was able to more clearly communicate during these interviews, explaining my past experiences and highlighting my success with difficult cases, in order to show that I could overcome challenges,” she said.

“Home health care agencies look to take care of as many clients as possible, and when there is a difficult case that no one else can take on, Latreace is able to fill the gap because of her special skills ,” Chris said, “She’s a shining star that way.”

Eventually, Latreace accepted a position with Family Choice Healthcare. She adjusted to the new position quickly, developing close relationships with her patients along the way.

“I have one client who is all alone and has no siblings or family to take care of her,” Latreace said, “I look after her like she’s a part of my family.”

Latreace enjoys her position at Family Choice Healthcare, but maintains contact with JobLinks in case she ever needs further assistance.

“Job or no job, Chris and Lorene made sure I knew I was always welcome back and call to check up on me regularly,” she added.

What’s next for Latreace? She wants to further her career by getting a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification through JobLinks. Through classroom exercises and hands-on training, students finish the program well-prepared to pass the Pennsylvania state CNA exam.

“I’m looking forward to furthering my career in healthcare,” Latreace said, “The JobLinks staff has been so excellent. They are all such helpful and kind people!”

Latreace was so pleased with her experience at JobLinks, she recommended her brother to the program. A graduate of the Art Institute of New York, Latreace’s brother hopes JobLinks can help him find a career in art and design. Latreace and her brother are both confident that JobLinks offers the tools they need to make their dreams become reality.

JobLinks offers training and placement services to job seekers and employers city-wide. We are located in the Oakland Career Center at 294 Semple Street in Central Oakland. Contact us at 412.621.3821 or questions@joblinks.opdc.org.