JobLinks Brings Judith’s Search to a Happy Ending


eet Judith Helfrich. Judith enrolled in a CPR class at JobLinks, never expecting that it would lead to the best career move in her life. Judith is just one of the latest examples of how JobLinks continues to produce success stories by giving job seekers preparation, skills, and a clear path to employment. When Judith stumbled upon JobLinks, in her own words, it “left nothing to chance” in leading her to a whole new career path.

Judith went to JobLinks in mid-April to get CPR and first-aid training and left with the opportunity to participate in POWRR, JobLinks’ partnership with UPMC.

“Without JobLinks, I wouldn’t even have thought of going to UPMC,” she says. She spent about five years trying to make a change in her career but didn’t know how to do it. She had no formal education in health care and never thought she could succeed in a company like UPMC.  Within a week of going to JobLinks, she interviewed with a hiring manager from UPMC and got the new career she had been searching for.

Not only did JobLinks provide Judith with this unique opportunity, but it also gave her all the preparation she needed to interview with confidence.

“I was completely blown away by everyone at JobLinks,” she says. Through JobLinks, Judith supplemented her existing certification with new skills and gained a competitive edge over other candidates.

“If I were a hiring manager I would definitely call JobLinks because their candidates are so well-prepared,” Judith claims. Even for basic training, JobLinks can make all the difference.

Judith will be starting her new career at UPMC in June. If you’re looking for a similar change in career or would like more information about what JobLinks has to offer, email questions@joblink.opdc.org or stop in any weekday between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m at 3360 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.