Get free financial counseling at Oakland Career Center


Shay Port, our new Financial Coach at JobLinks

Did you know many employers now check credit scores of job applicants? Do you fear that buying a home or creating a retirement fund are out of your reach?

OPDC’s JobLinks team now provides free confidential financial coaching and access to public benefits in addition to job placement assistance. Our team will work with you to create a long-term plan for improving your financial outlook, raising your credit score, and building your family’s future.

Our new Financial Coach, Shay Port, can help you:

  • build new credit,
  • repair bad credit,
  • establish bank accounts,
  • get out of default on student loans,
  • create budgets, and
  • save money toward various goals, like a down payment for a car, obtaining professional work clothes, or establishing an emergency fund.

To make an appointment, contact Shay Port at sport@joblinks.opdc.org or 412.621.3821.

JobLinks is one of three new Financial Opportunity Centers in Allegheny County. The JobLinks Financial Opportunity Center is made possible through funding from Neighborhood Allies.