For Employers


JobLinks has been preparing candidates for positions in Pittsburgh-area companies for over 20 years.  Our team works together to help candidates take on jobs confidently and adeptly, and we follow up with new hires to make sure they are performing well for you. Because we provide our candidates with ongoing financial coaching, they are better positioned to responsibly save money and avoid crises that disrupt their ability to work effectively.

We specialize in serving businesses in the health care sector, customer service, the hospitality trades, food service, and general labor. We can help you coordinate a job fair, assist with company-specific recruiting, or plan targeted recruitment events. We have space for you to conduct on-site interviewing at our Oakland office. We can even train your existing staff in CPR/First Aid through the American Red Cross.

We are eager to hear about your company’s needs and help you develop the best workforce management solutions.  We look forward to forging a lasting partnership. Contact us today at 412.621.3821 or questions@joblinks.opdc.org.